Global CSR Leadership Awards at the World CSR Congress

Global CSR Leadership Awards at the World CSR Congress


I feel truly honored to have been recognized with the Global CSR Leadership Award, together with some outstanding colleagues at the 6th edition of the World CSR Congress held in Mumbai, India, early this month.


I felt humbled at finding myself in such amazing company where I was also invited to deliver a presentation called ‘Empowering women through Corporate Social Responsibility’


Proud of my roots, I dressed in a traditional embroidered Mexican blouse and I received this award on behalf of all the amazing people and organizations I have worked with during my career, both in Mexico and Australia.


Being the first Mexican woman recognized in the previous edition of the congress as one of the 100 most impactful CSR leaders, I expressed at the ceremony this year that we Mexicans are talented and innovative and this is why our contributions are and will always be recognized all around the world despite walls and adversities.


I want to congratulate Dr. R. L. Bhatia, Founder of the World CSR Day, and his extraordinary team for putting together such a colossal event once again.

Emerald Araiza
Emerald Araiza
Emerald is Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at DS PRIMA. She's in charge of the shared value program "Prime Technology for Our Community" and she also manages the division Prima HealthTech. Over the last 10 years she has been responsible for the conception and management of award-winning sustainability programs in global, public and private organisations. She's been recently listed as one of the "100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders-Global Listing" at the World CSR Congress
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