Emerald is currently Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at DS PRIMA and Director for the GoodBiz Network.


She is a young, award-winning CSR and communications strategist, keynote speaker, blogger and social entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience across public, private, and non-profit organisations in Australia, Mexico and Latin America.


Recently named as one of the ‘100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders’ at the 2016 World CSR Congress, Emerald has been a key driver in the achievement and creation of significant award-winning sustainability initiatives.


Emerald's Story

Emerald started her career in her early twenties when she founded RedePYME, a non-for-profit organisation devoted to providing coaching for micro and small businesses (SMEs) and start-ups.


Later, she led the Public Relations Strategy for an Industries Association from where she was invited to join the Helvex Group; one of the largest manufacturers in Mexico and Latin America, entrusting her with the leading of their global CSR strategy.


During her tenure, Emerald led Helvex to achieve the Socially Responsible Business Award, created the company’s philanthropic arm; Helvex Foundation, and spearheaded environmental education and water sustainability programs as well as initiatives that aimed to improve the housing condition of disadvantaged communities. Her work was recognised and praised by a host of international organisations for its outstanding contributions.


In 2012, Emerald moved to Melbourne where she has defined the CSR strategy for DS PRIMA, an Australian software development and IT consulting company where she has also developed the Shared Value Program Prime Software for Our community, whereby the company addresses societal issues while contributing to the business strategy.


In 2015, she founded the GoodBiz Network – an online platform for Australian CSR professionals to connect and network – for which she provides editorial support and produces content on a range of sustainability topics.

Emerald’s academic background

Emerald holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Postgraduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, and a Masters of Corporate Social Responsibility. She also holds several other certifications in topics such as Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), amongst others.

More about Emerald

Throughout her career, Emerald has sat on numerous non-for-profits Boards and has participated in judging panels for grants allocation in business incubators and government agencies. Emerald is an active advocate for the benefits of multiculturalism in Australia, and an enthusiastic musician who regularly performs at art festivals.