Global CSR Leadership Awards at the World CSR Congress


I feel truly honored to have been recognized with the Global CSR Leadership Award, together with some outstanding colleagues at the 6th edition of the World CSR Congress held in Mumbai, India, early this month.


I felt humbled …

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A celebration of Australia’s contribution to medical research


The influence of Australian researchers to major advances in health is remarkable. Several of them have won a Nobel Prize for their contributions to the world, amongst them Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, awarded in 2005 for discovering the …

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Are you a CSR master chef?

A quiz for those passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and food.

As a foodie that enjoys varied cuisine, I like watching cooking programs like MasterChef. It could well be that because I love food as much as I enjoy working …

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Pledge for gender parity- But what about men’s rights?


The commemoration of International Women’s Day brings gender equality and advocacy firmly into the spotlight. What strikes me as interesting is that, have we as a society underestimated how strategically important is it to offer the same flexible working …

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100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders At The World CSR Congress


I feel truly honoured and grateful to have been recognised as one of the “100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders”, together with some outstanding colleagues, at the World CSR Congress held in Mumbai, India, early this month.  The theme of …

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The value of ‘Shared Value’-Reflections from the World CSR Congress


Global summits are terrific platforms for sharing ideas and best practices with passionate, like-minded individuals. It is also an opportunity to discuss various solutions to challenges that may be affecting us all equally, wherever we are in the world.…

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First International Day of Women and Girls in Science- Sorrow or Joy?


Every time there is a new International Day of this kind proclaimed I can’t help it but have mixed feelings. I feel joy, because at long last the subject is being placed in the global agenda; but at the …

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Corporate Responsibility Megatrends To 2020


The following infographic summarizes the results of an analysis I made around the priorities that top companies have on Corporate Responsibility matters. There are 6 megatrends that are leading their path to 2020 and beyond. Learn more about each …

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3 S’s to skyrocket your CSR communication effectiveness


Years of using the GRI and other frameworks has got us used to communicating our CSR actions in a plain numerical way. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not bad. Sustainability reporting is a tool that has a certain purpose, …

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When is the best time to join the UN Global Compact?


I have heard that question several times, and I have heard several answers to it as well. Some people say that the best time to join the UN Global Compact depends on how well established your Corporate Sustainability strategy …

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